Laminate Countertops

Perfect for the Maui Lifestyle!

We carry a wide selection of top-quality laminate countertops from Wilsonart and Formica.

As one of the most innovative decorative surface materials on the market, Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate offers long-lasting beauty and reliable performance at an affordable price.

Today’s High Pressure Laminate offers unprecedented design and budget flexibility and is regarded as the most environmentally friendly decorative surface.


Formica® Brand Laminate offers a broader range of looks than ever before. Transform spaces with our modern laminates that are as beautiful as they are durable. Mix and match solids, graphic patterns and finishes. Achieve the look you want for any design challenge or budget.

Product Features

  • Postforming
  • Durable and Wear-resistant
  • Horizontal and Vertical
  • Impact Resistant

Some of the Countertops in Stock

Antique Mascarello

Argento Romano

Azul Aran

Bottle Glass

Butterum Granite

Frosty White

Girona Beach

Girona Cavern

Girona Cliff

Girona Envy

Golden Mascarello

Ivory Kashmir

Labrador Granite

Lapidus Brown

Leche Vesta

Luna Frost

Midnight Stone

Milano Quartz

Natural Almond

Old Mill Oak

Ouro Romano

Raven Gemstone

Smoky Topaz

Terra Roca


Venetian Gold Granite